We are a software cooperative.

We use democracy at work to build sustainable products.

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Questions are an intrinsic part of our process – because curiosity is crucial to problem solving. We know we're not the only ones with questions – here are some you might have for us:

Here are some of our most-frequently asked questions.

We're a worker cooperative of engineers and designers committed to democratic principles.

  • When everyone has a voice, we are better equipped to build software that faces business challenges head on.
  • We see every interaction as a chance to advocate for and uphold the egalitarian principles that make just and accessible societies.

When it comes to code, we believe thinking is more important than typing.

  • We use pair programming and narrative techniques to reach true understanding—not only between people on our team and yours, but ultimately between you and your customers.
  • By working in dialogue, we create a better, more equitable process for writing sustainable software.

We partner with teams who are looking for more than just code.

  • Together, we'll get to the heart of the matter through the process of building software.
  • Our collaboration is rooted in the exchange of information to uncover the true story of business problems.

On the surface we make businesses run more effectively.

  • But we're really solving a much larger problem. By bringing more voices to every problem we solve, we incorporate a diversity of perspectives into every product we build.
  • Transparency goes beyond honesty. It's a way for us to see and understand the goals of your business. And for you to see and understand what we're building and how we're building it.

We work slowly and methodically to help you get where you're going faster. This isn't a paradox.

  • Breaking down the whole into discrete steps allows us to understand the purpose of every task and its part in a larger process—because this is what affects real people.
  • By prioritizing every action during every stage of development, the products we create together are useful from day one and continue to get better over time.

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We partner with people who want to rethink the inner workings of their business.



The world's most affordable on-demand helicopter booking platform.



The Silicon Valley outpost of Airbus, a global leader in aviation and aerospace innovation



You're a local powerhouse, an established industry presence, or a bootstrapper.

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Prepare. Deliver. Reflect. Repeat.

We have a structured approach designed to negotiate priorities at every step of development. Our clients come to us to create a product. They leave with a process for collaboration that can be implemented throughout their organization.


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